if ur having owl city concert withdrawal like me then please listen to this it made my dreams come tru i cried


Adam Young by x


Awkwardastronaut’s Hootowl Giveaway!!!

I’ve been wanting to hold a giveaway for a while since I’m so thankful for all my followers! 

The Prizes:

  • One size small official Owl City t-shirt
  • One size small unofficial (fan-made) t-shirt
  • One size small official Owl City sweatshirt

The Rules: 

  • Must be following me! (Sorry guys but maybe you’ll like my blog?)
  • Reblog as many times as you want! Just don’t spam your followers!
  • Likes do not count (but you can like to save the post)
  • No giveaway blogs, I will be checking.
  • The giveaway ends July 30th @ 11:59PM MST (that gives you 9 days!)
  • I will ship worldwide! 
  • I will message the winner and they will have 24 hours to answer back or I’ll have to pick another winner. 
  • Your Ask Box must be open and you must be able to provide your address!

There will be 2 winners, first one gets their choice of 2 shirts and the second winner gets the last! I will also be using a random generating online so all is fair.

Good luck to you all! :)

Do to the number of followers I have received I have decided to add one more item! It will still be determined whether or not I add another winner or the second winner just gets an extra item, so here it is!

  • One fan-made (by yours truly) Owl City drawstring bag

Good luck! 


favourite lines from ultraviolet + snapchat



my favorite song off of each album.


If the darkness falls, and my angel calls
In my despair
Will you be there?



Video about the new EP!



Breanne Düren Second Solo EP!


Bre has made an indiwgogo campaign for her next EP! Help her raise $10000 so she can make it happen! Perks include: $2 for a digital download of the new single “Sign of Life”, $6 for a digital copy of the EP when released, $15 for a signed copy of the EP, and others - you can even get the dresses that Bre wore in the Gold Mine and No One Else video!

i would love more bre music YAY

about me

havent done this yet oops
lets talk about owl city?

hello im sherry and i really love owl city and this is the place where you can send me messages via owl post :D talk to me about owl city pls